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by Laurie Moritz October 30, 2016

Standing Rock Chocolate is my way of supporting those who have put their lives on hold to protect water for all of us. The Water Protectors at Standing Rock are showing us the way. A line in the sand has been drawn and they are showing us how to say, 'You shall not pass!" 

I stand with those at Standing Rock because they understand that we are all brothers and sisters on both sides of this issue. That all are suffering and require healing and forgiveness. 

Today, October 30, 2016, has been dedicated as a day of prayer and intention for Standing Rock. On this day I wish to express my gratitude, appreciation, and love for all those at the camps in North Dakota and for the many events of support and solidarity being experienced all over this nation and the world. This is a catalyzing moment, and we are all making history. 

I've been told that all the indigenous people believe in 'good medicine.' I've been told that the chocolate I create is 'good medicine.' Creating chocolate is my passion. Infusing it with energy, intention, and a vision of peace and prosperity for all is my joy. 

Chocolate is ancient and has been enjoyed for thousands of years by many indigenous cultures, including the Mayans and the Aztecs. They have used it in their ceremonies and rituals. This ancient food is still being enjoyed and valued even to this day. 

Standing Rock Chocolate is my gift, my own way of saying thank you to the Water Protectors -- I see you and hear you. I appreciate and value you, your intentions, and your vision for this water and land. You are not alone. I am with you. 


If you share my vision and appreciation for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock, you can also contribute to this cause by participating in the 'Buy a Bar ~ Send a Bar' Standing Rock Chocolate campaign on

This campaign was created as a way for me to contribute and support the Water Protectors in a meaningful and unique way. For every Standing Rock Chocolate bar purchased, a second bar will be sent to Standing Rock in your name with your own personal message of support. 

For those of you with the means, you can also contribute to the safety and wellbeing of the Water Protectors this winter by donating or purchasing an item(s) on their Amazon wishlist. You can find out more on

If you have questions about Standing Rock Chocolate, please contact me at

Blessings and thank you. 


Laurie Moritz
Laurie Moritz


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